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April 6, 2018, 10:53 AM

Setting Goals and Taking Steps

Church Family,

Praying that God will give you the opportunity to share the gospel today. Wherever you are, at work, at home, or out having fun, may God place you in situations where you can be a minister to others.

Daniel chapter 1 has an embarrassment of wealth in it. I hate to pick 1 verse or topic, but here goes.

Daniel 1:8 But Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself with the king’s food, or with the wine that he drank. Therefore he asked the chief of the eunuchs to allow him not to defile himself.

How often do you make plans or set goals but never take any steps to meet the goals or accomplish the plans you made? As believers and as a church we can often speak of what we desire. We want God to be glorified, people to be saved, the church to grow, to get more involved, read/pray more often, etc. but how often do we actually take the steps necessary to do this?

For Daniel, he took God’s word, God’s promise, and his personal holiness serious. Therefore, he resolved/purposed in his heart/set a goal and then he took the steps necessary to accomplish it. It’s rare to meet a person/church that doesn’t say they are loving, want to grow, are more concerned with living for God’s glory, than their own, etc. but it’s even rarer to find a person/church that takes steps to ensure they really are those things.

I have so many goals, but only a few steps. Will you join me in seeking to not come up with just dreams, but actually come up with goals and the steps to meet them? Be a Daniel, take the steps of Faith. One foot at a time.


  1. Sunday we are voting on whether or not to continue supporting the school release bible class at Aynor Middle School. If we vote yes, then there will be an offering taken up next Sunday April 15th
  2. April 22nd Senior Adult Sunday with Rev. Mack Hutson. Lunch will be served afterwards. All non-seniors are asked to bring a dessert
  3. This Sunday is the last Sunday to bring your old t-shirts to be used to make jump ropes for the Christmas shoeboxes.
  4. VBS is just around the corner, June 17th-21st, we need servants of God to help minister to the kids, youth, and adults. Anyone willing to help please see Gayle. We have positions that work with people, food, cleaning, etc.

Love, Serve, Go

Brian Winburn

April 4, 2018, 9:17 AM


Church Family,

Praying for you today!

More than once in the book of Ezekiel God speaks about a family of priests, the sons of Zadok. When the rest of the Levites, Priests, and Nation went astray from God, they did not. I can’t imagine how difficult this was. To have the nation, other priests, and Levites pressuring you to stop living for God and to minister in a way that suits the sins of the people.

Ezekiel 48:11-12 This shall be for the consecrated priests, the sons of Zadok, who kept my charge, who did not go astray when the people of Israel went astray, as the Levites did. 12And it shall belong to them as a special portion from the holy portion of the land, a most holy place, adjoining the territory of the Levites.

A book (Insanity of Obedience by Nik Ripken) I’m reading about missionaries had an interesting section in it. It talked about the FOCUS and Foundation needed on the mission field. It had 3 VERY important areas that are needed to be faithful/obedient. The FOCUS is where everything is pointing to in the ministry. The Foundation is what supports the FOCUS. All 3 areas are needed, but if the FOCUS is on the wrong area, the results will be devastating.


When the Focus is on the Missionary everything will point inward. The main concern is their desires and not reaching the lost. This will fail. It will make the missionary the master, not the servant

               Missionary (Focus)

     Organization (Foundation)   The Lost


This focus will put the organization before the minister or ministry. It leads to people seeking power, but not seeking lost people. It tends to lead to great ideas with no application. If your ministry isn’t approved by those in power, it will be forced to change no matter how effective it is or is needed.

              Organization (Focus)

Missionary    (Foundation)     The Lost


This model puts the gospel first. The missionary, organization, and every else’s focus is on how to reach the lost people of the world. It is outward focused. It reduces power struggles and selfish behavior, because everyone is required to die to self in order to faithfully witness.

              The Lost (Focus)

Missionary   (Foundation)   Organization


In order for the Sons of Zadok to not go astray or give into the organizational (nations) or Missionary (self) pressure they had to focus on God and His purposes. Where is your FOCUS? What guides the decisions that you make in your ministry? Is it the reaching of the lost? Is it what makes people comfortable? Is it the desires of the majority? What excuses do we use to not share the gospel and reach the lost?

Love, Serve, Go

Brian Winburn

April 2, 2018, 10:52 AM

Don't forget the cross

Church Family,

I hope that you had a wonderful Easter! I am so thankful for the men and women who helped prepare and serve the breakfast yesterday. Thank you to everyone who helped lead the service.

I read a brief article today about a parent whose children wished to do something to their bodies that the parent would never do. The point of the article was to express that children need to be able to do with their bodies as they wish. Just because you wouldn’t do it as parent doesn’t mean it’s wrong or that you have a say over their bodies.

I have Empathy towards these parents. That’s to say that I understand where they are coming from, but wholeheartedly disagree. The church/scripture has proved this point over and over again. A church member/Israel in the Old Testament, will have the attitude of show me how it’s wrong. We will examine the final product/action but fail to examine the motive. What those kids asked to do wasn’t bad at all, but why were they asking to do this?

According to Thom Rainer’s research, Attitude is one of the worst killers of a church. When our attitude/motive is about us and our desires and not about God’s glory we spread a terrible cancer throughout the church. Now the people and their feelings become more valuable than God and His glory. What we fail to see is that we can’t truly do what’s best for people apart from God. Said another way, when you put God first, you are putting others best interest first. When you put God second, you are putting people’s best interest second.

Ezekiel 45:7 “Thus says the Lord GOD: Enough, O princes of Israel! Put away violence and oppression, and execute justice and righteousness. Cease your evictions of my people, declares the Lord GOD.

When the Princes of Israel began putting God second, they also began to oppress and violently rule over the people. No longer was there a right or wrong, but a whose feelings matter the most attitude.

Can I encourage you to not forget why Jesus had to go to the cross? At the heart of sin is a heart that refuses to give God the glory and is ungrateful towards God. There is an attitude/motive issue. Take moment today and examine why you do or don’t do things? Are doing them unto the glory of God? Would you be willing to do that in front of God in heaven? Is what you are doing really helping others or just yourself?


  1. Visitation is tonight. We are having chicken casserole at 5:30 and going out at 6:15. All Sunday school leaders, this is a great opportunity to reach, teach, and minister.
  2. This Sunday we will be presenting a recommendation from the deacons to support the School Release Program at Aynor Middle School by taking up an offering on April 15th. We supported this program last year.
  3. Senior Adult Sunday April 22nd with Mack Hutson. All non-seniors bring a dessert. Lunch will follow. No evening services.
  4. Toronto Mission Trippers we will have a brief meeting this Sunday afternoon at 5:45pm. Bring any questions that you have with you.
  5. What’s coming up in the next month or so:
    1. Senior Adult Sunday April 22nd
    2. Women of Joy Conference May 4th-6th
    3. Gideon Sunday May 6th
    4. Mother’s Day/Baby Dedication May 13th
    5. Graduation Sunday June 3rd
    6. Father’s Day/VBS June 17th-21st

Love, Serve, Go

Brian Winburn

March 26, 2018, 10:22 AM

Who is Discipling you?

Church Family,

I am praying for you this morning. May God give you the opportunity to share the gospel with others, minister to others, and grow in your faith this week. Can I ask that you join me in praying for mission ideas for this summer? If you have ideas will you share them. Our hope is to reach our Jerusalem.

John 15:1 “I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser. 

Who is discipling you? Who are you discipling? These are important questions that every believer should be able to answer. While I preached on this passage this Sunday, I didn’t take the time to point out the obvious. If we fail to become a disciple, it is not the fault of God.

Notice that God the Father specifically watches over us and cares for our growth in Christ. Yes, we are responsible for responding to God, but God makes it clear that He is our vinedresser, ultimate discipler. Who is God using in your life to develop your relationship with God? Who are you intentionally attempting to disciple? What steps have you taken today to grow as a disciple/disciple maker?


  1. Easter Services: 6:45am Sunrise Service, 7am Worship service, and last fellowship Breakfast. These are all of the services for the day.
  2. Sunday April 22nd Senior Adult Day with Mack Hutson as the guest speaker followed by lunch. There will be no evening services.
  3. We want to step out on Faith and Serve our Community. What are the needs that you see in Community?
  4. Do you know of anyone that eats breakfast? Can I encourage you to invite them to a free breakfast this Sunday? Let them know that it starts at 6:45 😊

Love, Serve, Go

Brian Winburn

March 23, 2018, 1:03 PM

The Resurrection in the Old Testament

Church Family,

I am so excited about the Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow morning from 11 to 1pm. I also get excited reading and searching the scriptures. Did you know that one of the major differences between the Pharisees and Sadducees is that the Sadducees didn’t believe in the resurrection? (That’s why they are Sad u see, lol) I’ve often wonder how they even knew about the resurrection?

Ezekiel 37:12-14 Therefore prophesy, and say to them, Thus says the Lord GOD: Behold, I will open your graves and raise you from your graves, O my people. And I will bring you into the land of Israel.13And you shall know that I am the LORD, when I open your graves, and raise you from your graves, O my people. 14And I will put my Spirit within you, and you shall live, and I will place you in your own land. Then you shall know that I am the LORD; I have spoken, and I will do it, declares the LORD.”

Not only should the life that Christ lived proved that He was the Son of God, but His resurrection also. The Israelites should have remembered this passage. I am so thankful that even though I don’t deserve and can’t earn it, God has given me eternal life. What did I do? I believed in Jesus, repented of my sins, and confessed Him as Lord. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins according to the bible, was buried, and rose from the dead on the 3rd day according to the bible. Everyone who does this will live for all of eternity with Jesus!

I don’t know what you are searching for in life, but can I challenge to seek out Christ above all things?


  1. Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow morning from 11 to 1pm. Lunch will be served.
  2. Easter Services are as follows: 6:45 Sunrise service in the Cemetery, 7am worship in the Sanctuary, and last, breakfast. We will not have any other services.

Love, Serve, Go

Brian Winburn

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