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October 6, 2017, 9:41 AM

But they(God's people) rebelled...

Church Family,

What an amazing week! It all began with God providing a great day of services Sunday, Monday Visitation, Women's Bible Study Tuesday, Prayer Meeting Wednesday, Good News Club Thursday, and Friday/Saturday we get to prepare to do it all over again next week. 

For me the best way to prepare for each day and worship service is to spend time with God in song, bible reading and prayer.

Today's bible reading was in Isaiah 63. So many verses stood out to me, but Isaiah 63:10 says, "But they rebelled and grieved his Holy Spirit; therefore he turned to be their enemy, and himself fought against them."

Now the beginning of the chapter told of how in the day of vegeance Jesus will "trample down the people in His anger" and how "their lifeblood splattered on my garments." What a terrifying description of Jesus' coming Vengeance. Yet, the people that God sent to follow Him and warn others of His Vengeance, have now rebelled. Is there anything that a church can do that is worse than Grieve and Rebell against God's Spirit? Does the church have anyone that can fight against God? Look at that warning, God Himself fought against them.

The amazing news is that God is Good even when we are not. Thankfully God remembers His promise to punish every sin, but to also provide Salvation. Praise God for His grace, mercy, and salvation. If you are fighting against God (you will lose), Turn back to Him this morning. Seek Him while He can still be found. Sadly, those that lead others to Grieve and Rebell against God, rarely Turn back. After praying and asking God to forgive you of your rebellion, please pray for others. Ask God to use you to lead others to Follow and not rebell. Ask God to send you to the lost today. Tell them about the salvation found only in Jesus and then Invite them to join us this Sunday. 


1) This Sunday we are looking at John 8. Is our church trying to find ways to Condemn people or bring them to Jesus for Salvation?

2) Baptist Women's Meeting Monday at 5:30 at the church. Supper will be served.

3) Tuesday Senior Adult outing and Women's Bible Study at 6pm.

4) Starting Oct. 22nd we are accepting money to help purchase toys for the Shoebox Ministry. We will stop accepting money on Nov. 5th.

5) October 29th at 5pm we will have Trunk or Treat. Please sign up to decorate your car. In everything that we do, we want to share the gospel. Our hope is that God wil use this event to draw the lost to Himself. We will have a meal around 6pm.

6) How can you help your Sunday school class Reach, Teach and Minister to others? Show up this Sunday to support your class and show your love for each other. I can't think of anywhere I would rather be than at church Sunday morning, can you think of somewhere better for your soul to be?

Love, Serve, Go!

Brian Winburn

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