I am the Bread of Life
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Delivered By
Brian Winburn
Delivered On
August 13, 2017
Central Passage
John 6:43-51

These are the Pastor's notes as He prepares for the message.

How is it that the woman at the well could question and yet arrive at Faith while, these question and reject Jesus?

God tells them to stop fussing, grumbling.

John 1:14 says that Jesus is full of Grace and Truth. Let me start by sharing the truth of this passage.

Great leadership tries to draw everyone’s attention to what matter. Later in this passage we will see that we confusion is, satan is. Grumbling is not what God desires of His people.


  1. God the Father is the initiator of Salvation. (v44) No one can come to Jesus unless God draws Him. God opposes the proud. The pride of this Group will not allow them to see the work that God has done. God has come to them and drawn them, but they refuse to believe.
  2. God the Son is the fulfiller of Salvation.(44) Jesus raises the believers up on the last days. What is required on man? Simply to believe.
  3. Isaiah 54:13 God is our teacher.(45) Some background God spoke to the Israelites but they begged Him not to. So God promised what they believed to be just a great Prophet, but God knew it would be Him
    1. God must come in the flesh to teach us
    2. God the Holy Spirit teaches us God’s word.
  4. We cant understand, believe, or teach God without Him.(45) Think about this. If God doesn’t initiate a relationship with us there is no way we can know Him. For those who fear that God won’t. God desires that none should perish but that all would be saved.
  5. You can’t have the Father without the Son.(45-46) Jesus alone has seen the Father. If God is our teacher, then He has come from the Father and therefore seen the Father.
  6. Anyone who believes.(47-51) Believes what? That Jesus came from Heaven, is God, is life, gave himself for our sins, was buried, rose again on the 3rd day.
  7. Their father’s grumbled and died also. Moses died on the mountain top outside the wilderness. Why is this important because everyone who died in the wilderness did so because they did not believe in God. They saw God, saw His signs and still rejected God. Every turn they made they grumbled against God. You find me someone who is constantly grumbling against God and I will show you someone that may know about God but doesn’t know God.
  8. Obedience to the point of death. Jesus is feeding us with His body, the Word of God, but also through perfect obedience to God’s Word. We may be foolish to reject God is areas of our life, but when that is revealed the true believer repents of such sin.

There is a direct link between the Jews in the wilderness and these. They all bear the mark of grumbling!

The Grace of God

May have rejected God but

  • The fact that He is talking to you is by Grace
  • By Grace are you saved
  • By Grace are you raised from the Dead. Lost people reject the only means to heaven. They are known in heaven as they were known on earth. As rejecters of God. Prideful, arrogant, always knowing what’s best even when it is God they oppose. Isaiah 11:3-4
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