Restoration- being Restored by God
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Delivered By
Brian Winburn
Delivered On
August 26, 2018
Central Passage
John 21:15-17

Has sin deformed you? Crippled you? Brough Shame, Embarrassment, Pain, etc.? Maybe you desire to serve God but refuse to since you have a dark past or recent sin. Listen to the Restoration of the believer in this passage.

Below are the sermon notes of the pastor

Restoration of Peter

Irish Champion Boxer was converted and became a preacher many years ago. While setting up a tent for a traveling revival 2 thugs came and attempted to rob him. The first one struck him in the face, but the preacher didn’t go down. Instead, he stuck his chin out further. The 2nd thug struck him, and the preacher turned his cheek. Again the 1st thug struck him but this time on the other cheek. At that point, the preacher removed his jacket and rolled up his selves. He then loudly proclaimed, “The Lord gave me no further instructions! Whop!”

Some are hearing this today and you need to realize that you are fighting against God. You know the sin that is working in your members but refuse to repent. You can’t remember the last time God brought changed and repentance in your life.

The grace of God to reveal sin

  • God is the one making the move. Even when you think you are the start of it, you are not. God is always the initiator of the relationship.


Fed him first, then nourished him back to health

  • It is not unusual for God to provide for you and then restore you. We will see in a second that none of this happens without God, but we are responsible for our response. Are the blessings in your life a cry from God to take notice of your sin and His offer of forgiveness?

The pain of confessing sin that you knew was coming

  • Some of the hardest sins to confess are ones that you knew were wrong and were coming and you didn’t avoid them.
  • It is imperative that you recognize and believe point #1 in order to deal with this issue. When you realize that God is the initiator of the relationship, then you still come to Him begging & pleading but realizing that He reciprocates love.
  • The story of the hunchback boy who learned scripture. He was asked to recite the passages before the church. As he slipped going up the altar another young man heckled him and told him to sit back down. The little boy melted into tears as others laughed. It was then that the crowd was quieted by a man running down the isle. Don’t cry, it will okay! The man loudly proclaimed, this is my son, he is the bravest person here and I love him for it. The father picked his sobbing son up and carried him to safety.
  • Believer many of you here today are in the same shape. Sin has disfigured you, shame has crippled you, and embarrassment leaves you in tears. BUT the almighty is quick to come rushing to you… don’t cry, daddy is here. Oh how precious is the Father’s love!

Do you agape me more than these? (Before Peter denied Christ, Christ warned him and Peter’s response was basically the others don’t love you like I love you)

  • Has your selfproclaimed love of God turned into a point of pride and sin in your life?
  • Philo (I love you like a brother)
  • Then feed my lambs
    • Notice that the sheep are God’s, not man’s.
    • Christ is entrusting Peter with a high position. Yet he has been calling him Simon and not Peter. Maybe as a reminder of what he was before Christ called. Or that the rock is not Peter himself, but Faith in Christ.
    • Feed the lambs, the future. If our focus is not on reaching the next generation and those outside of the Faith then our focus is on us. How often are our sermons committed to be used to reach outside the walls? Is our music choice more about our preference or what speaks best to the hearts of those who aren’t here? Did you know that many of the hymns that we sing were sung first in bars? These songs went to where the lost were and drew them to Christ. Is our music doing the same? Our preaching? Our teaching?
    • Don’t overlook the connection between Peter’s self-proclaimed love and the use of lambs by Jesus. Jesus told the disciples that the kingdom of God belong to ones such as these little ones.


Do you agape me?

  • Philo
  • Then tend my sheep
    • Shepherd the Flock- Feed the young in Christ, tend to the greater needs of the whole.

Do you Philo me?

  • Philo, you know all things
  • Feed my sheep
  1. Do you love me?
    1. You know all things. This often creates the attitude that Peter is showing. Entitled, Partiality, Favoritism, and Preference. Why do I need to pray? God knows it all. Prayer is not for God to know us, but for us to know God. Worship isn’t about God hearing us, but us hearing from God. God knows who He is going to save, yes, but that doesn’t remove the truth that we are allowed to go out and share the gospel. What will be, will be, but this line of thinking strikes at the core of why we need to get honest about our sin and seek a revival! This isn’t our house to do as we please, it’s God’s house. Why aren’t we begging and pleading for forgiveness? Why aren’t we knocking on doors, sharing at work, and at home? Church it’s time that we start turning back to God and rid ourselves of this terrible spirit that refuses to accept responsibility. Peter is doing what Adam did in the garden…. The woman that you put here did this. So why is Jesus talking with Peter? For Peter’s benefit. So Peter would realize that the most precious things that God gives us should be given, not to those who are perfect, but rather those who are forgiven.


    1. Lastly Feed the Sheep. Nurture them and then feed them. Our focus should be on Christ. His focus is on reaching the young. Caring for the wounded, adults and the young. Then we need to realize that you can’t stay in the same place and grow. At the heart of repentance is the change that God brings in the life of the one seeking forgiveness. The food is going to run out. You don’t change the message but you have to change where they are eating from. A few months ago I read a church’s values. They valued, the word, people, etc. the last value was change. We often miss that. They are eating the same food, grass, but from a different context.
  1. You may not be here needing to repent of a certain sin in your life. You may need to repent of refusing to follow God. You have never or its been a long time since you shared the gospel.

It’s the love of God and not the love of man that the world needs

Love of God and not the love of man is greater. We need a love that we are incapable to giving or producing. Christ must be our source.

I think back to feed my sheep, Peter doesn’t make the grass or the sheep, he simply leads them. Also to the when the 5and 4000 were fed, it was through prayer and by faith that these things came to be. Not Peter’s love, but God’s love.



When I thought I lost me
You knew where I left me
You reintroduced me to your love
You picked up all my pieces
Put me back together
You are the defender of my heart

Hallelujah, you have saved me
So much better this way
Hallelujah, great Defender
So much better your way

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