What are Family Devotions?

Family Devotions

These will help equip us in three key ways:

  1. Remind us to pray for our Prayer Pals
  2. Memorize scripture
  3. Study/learn more about our Sunday school lessons

If you haven’t signed up to receive a Prayer Pal remember that it is never too late.

Every 2 weeks we will change the memory verse. These verses are to be said in the Sunday school class to the teacher. Students from the 5th grade down will be able to collect a prize on the Sunday they say the verse.

The Devotion format will be simple. Each week we will provide a devotion for Monday through Friday. Monday through Thursday the devotion will be based off of the children’s Sunday school material from the previous week. We are hoping to learn through repetition. Friday the devotion will be based off of the upcoming Adult Sunday school lesson.

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